Farming has always been a conservation minded business.  Our grandfathers could use the same piece of baling wire 10 times and still make it last 15 years. Today we are running lighter, leaner, and greener; all in an effort to reduce what we use, protect our environment, and conserve for our future generations.

Some ways that Templeton Family Farms contributes:

  • Planted over 200 trees in the last 5 years
  • Our main shop utilizes waste oil as a heating source during the winter months
  • Swine manure is strategically managed and placed to obtain the best utilization and reduce usage of manufactured fertilizer
  • The farm has over 7 miles of CRP buffer strips to protect our waterways from runoff, sedimentation, and increase wildlife habitat
  • All of our chemicals are purchased and transported in reusable/returnable 250 gallon tote containers
  • All of our seed is purchased in 50 unit reusable/returnable pro-unit containers
  • Our equipment fleet is 100% equipped with GPS controls and steering which enables us to reduce crop inputs and diesel fuel consumption while increasing product placement accuracy and input efficacy.
  • Live dynamic records for better business decisions
  • Installed a tower grain drying system that reclaims the heated air in the drying process conserving tremendous amounts of energy
  • Installed energy efficient florescent lights in our hog units to reduce energy consumption
  • Installed automatic motion sensors/switches for the lights in our shop.
  • Proud members of Pheasants Forever and White Tails Unlimited
  • Farm and shop utilizes bulk oil for equipment maintenance, saving tremendous amounts of plastic and containers from being discarded.