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PHOTO: Kneeling on ground left to right Bob Schmitz, Harold Pomeroy, Tubby Irlbeck, Louis Hoffman, Clayton Irlbeck, Benny Klocke, Cliff Danner, Fatso Stangl, Harry Stangl Fledderman Farm Photo 1965. Standing back rows left to right Milo Reis, Art Irlbeck, Louis Anthofer, Clarence Fledderman, George Fledderman, Harry Klocke, Alvin Hoffman, Benny Wiskus, Don Schmitz, Eugene Hoffman, RaySporrer with hands on shoulders of Fritz Wiskus, Leo Danner, Marvin Wiskus(standing tall far back), Pete Danner, Charles Wiskus, John Seidl, August Meyer

Custom Farming

Full package of farming services available: Excavating/building cleanup, drainage installation, NH3 application, lime/litter spreading, planting, tillage, spraying, harvest, and trucking.

Templeton Family Farms History

The farm as we know it today was established in 1886 by Frank and Peter Murray. Frank and Peter homesteaded the original two farmsteads (Rich and Chris) and began the operation. Frank Murray had a son by the name of John Murray. John was married to Crystal (Harper) and they had a daughter by the name of Lorrine. Lorrine (Murray) married Cliff Danner. Cliff Danner started farming with Frank & Peter Murray and in 1949 purchased some tracts of the farm from them. Peter Murray also owned and operated the local tavern in Templeton. Templeton Rye was a regular drink at that time for this establishment. Cliff and Lorrine had a son by the name of Rich. Rich Danner then married Nancy (Kennebeck) and they had two children, Chris and Matt. Rich started farming with Cliff right out of high school in 1970. Several farms are still owned directly by Lorrine Danner (Murray) and the farm encompasses many of the same tracts that Frank and Peter Murray farmed, over 120 years ago. The farm was awarded a century award by the State of Iowa in the 1980’s. Chris and Matt Danner are the fifth generation of direct family farming the original homestead.

Danner Farm 1949  Danner Farm 1974-1975

Danner Farm 1949 and 1974-1976

Danner Farm 2011  Danner Grainsite 2011

Danner Farm and Danner Grainsite 2011

Mission Statement

Templeton Family Farms will build on the foundation of three generations to develop our future strength in production agriculture. Templeton Family Farms, along with its production partners, is securing tomorrow’s agribusiness potential today.

Value Statement

Templeton Family Farms will cultivate lasting interdependent relationships with associates that will enhance our mutual long-term business and personal success. The owners and employees of Templeton Family Farms will earn an honest day’s wage through an honest day’s labor.

Templeton Family Farms Motto

Effectiveness is doing the right things;

Efficiency is doing the right things the right way.